Team Arctic

Team Arctic: Letting It Go

After more than four years of weird stuff happening to no signs of life, it's time to close out with a horrible pop-culture reference.

How it began

Team Arctic originated from a Skype chat on November 6, 2010 with Tuler, LF, Meg, Josh, and Jay. The chat was created from an attempt to screenshare with a group, but failed. Conversation ensued, and the chat's topic was changed to something along the lines of "Adventures in the Arctic" and ultimately "Team Arctic's Blasting Off Again". The "Arctic" eventually became an in-joke between this small group of people, who began to refer to themselves as Team Arctic, just for fun.

A few weeks later, Tuler was hosting a drawing livestream that was password-protected. The password was tweeted without any context, with the tweet simply containing "lemons". Kevin and Kai found their way in, and were invited to the group's Skype chat.

Later, Meg invited Zoee and Lauren, Kai invited Chai, and Tuler invited Tavi. Some of these people eventually left on their own accord.

How it ended

LF began branding Team Arctic with some level of professionalism in 2011. With a logo and website, the name grew from an in-joke to an uneasy conversation topic, creating a pretentious and elitist appearance. Some people began begging and sucking up to join. There even was a "rival" group created out of spite, after they were reported for using the logo without permission. After a long while, the group began dissolving as the members' personal lives demanded more.

Thinking there was some potential in the name alone, LF attempted to revive the group in 2013 with Tavi and Kai, and eventually Dan, focusing on creating media such as software/games and animation. Tavi and LF began a mixed Minecraft server called Arcticraft, and it was semi-successful for the time it was alive. The server continued to live on until late 2014. Unfortunately, the work that had gone into the brand and website was wasteful, as nothing was ever made to showcase on the website.

In early 2015, LF decided to finally retire Team Arctic.


Letting go of Team Arctic removes a huge creative and mental burden. The creative burden was sticking to an exclusively blue color pallete and cold puns (e.g. the font used in the logo is "Refrigerator" and the name of this letter is a reference to Disney's "Frozen"). The mental burden is the amount of pretentious and elitist attention the name has gotten over the time it was around. During Team Arctic's rebranding process, people mentioned the name will still remind them of the chaos that ensued.

What's next

The motivation that was fueling Team Arctic's rebrand will be used to fuel a new creative collective. The focus will move towards creating video games and software in general. This page will be updated with a link and an eventual redirect to the new site whenever it's ready.

The new creative collective will be LF, Dan, and Quills: a small, balanced team of programmers and artists who just want to make cool and fun things.

Thanks for all the good times; it's time to lay this to rest.

— LF